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Noto Sans/Serif ályaa[łahgo áshłééh]

Google éí Noto Sans dóó Noto Serif wolyéego saad bee alʼíinii áyiilaa. Tʼáá díí tʼéiyá saad bee alʼíinii "Ą" dóó "ą" nizhónígo naashchʼąąʼgo ályaa.

Choyoołʼįįhí:Seb az86556 > haneʼ 02:18, 21 Níłchʼitsʼósí 2017 (UTC)

Call for Wikimania 2018 Scholarships[łahgo áshłééh]

Hi all,

We wanted to inform you that scholarship applications for Wikimania 2018 which is being held in Cape Town, South Africa on July 18–22, 2018 are now being accepted. Applications are open until Monday, 22 January 2018 23:59 UTC.

Applicants will be able to apply for a partial or full scholarship. A full scholarship will cover the cost of an individual's round-trip travel, shared accommodation, and conference registration fees as arranged by the Wikimedia Foundation. A partial scholarship will cover conference registration fees and shared accommodation. Applicants will be rated using a pre-determined selection process and selection criteria established by the Scholarship Committee and the Wikimedia Foundation, who will determine which applications are successful. To learn more about Wikimania 2018 scholarships, please visit: wm2018:Scholarships.

To apply for a scholarship, fill out the multi-language application form on:

It is highly recommended that applicants review all the material on the Scholarships page and the associated FAQ before submitting an application. If you have any questions, please contact: wikimania-scholarships at or leave a message at: wm2018:Talk:Scholarships. Please help us spread the word and translate pages!

Best regards, David Richfield and Martin Rulsch for the Scholarship Committee 19:24, 20 Níłchʼitsoh 2017 (UTC)

User group for Military Historians[łahgo áshłééh]


"Military history" is one of the most important subjects when speak of sum of all human knowledge. To support contributors interested in the area over various language Wikipedias, we intend to form a user group. It also provides a platform to share the best practices between military historians, and various military related projects on Wikipedias. An initial discussion was has been done between the coordinators and members of WikiProject Military History on English Wikipedia. Now this discussion has been taken to Meta-Wiki. Contributors intrested in the area of military history are requested to share their feedback and give suggestions at Talk:Discussion to incubate a user group for Wikipedia Military Historians.

MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 10:46, 21 Níłchʼitsoh 2017 (UTC)